The Alexander Technique is a simple, practical method for improving ease of movement & co-ordination. Individuals from all walks of life & all ages can benefit from it.

Violin players

The Alexander Technique improves the fluidity of sound when playing a musical instrument

The Alexander Technique helps millions of people across the world to naturally overcome:

  • Muscle tension
  • Back, neck and joint pain
  • Poor posture
  • Breathing and vocal problems
  • Stress related conditions

People use the Alexander Technique to:

  • Enhance performance and prevent injury in sport
  • Improve presentation skills by overcoming fear and stage fright
  • Become aware of how to approach daily activities, e.g. sitting, walking, working at the computer, or driving a car
  • Improve the fluidity of sound when playing a musical instrument
  • Improve confidence and contentedness
  • Improve general well-being

Our modern lifestyle takes its toll on our mental, physical and emotional health and as a result we develop undesirable habits which limit our potential.

Traditionally, actors, singers, sportspeople, dancers and musicians have practiced the Alexander Technique and it is part of the syllabus in many colleges of music and drama.

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